JOHN G. AVILDSEN: King of the Underdogs


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Don’t know the name? Everyone is familiar with the Oscar-winning movie Rocky and knows who Sylvester Stallone is. But who created the Rocky legacy? And then went on to direct another cult classic, The Karate Kid? This is a fun Hollywood inside look into the life, career and films of the Oscar-winning director John G. Avildsen. It features exclusive never-before-seen interviews with Sylvester Stallone, Ralph Macchio, Martin Scorsese, Burt Reynolds, Jerry Weintraub, Talia Shire, as well as with Avildsen himself. Known in Hollywood as the “King of the Underdogs,” Avildsen is a classic example of how it often takes one to know one! 78 min. USA.

Friday, March 17 7:30pm Mission Theatre
Saturday, March 18 1:15pm Mission Theatre

Director/Writer: Derek Wayne Johnson
Co-Producers: Derek Wayne Johnson, Chris May, & Emmett James