KHOJ (The Lost)


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A film noir crime thriller shot in the hills of India, a policeman goes to investigate a report of a woman’s repeated screams. The man answering the door claims to be a doctor and tells the officer that everything’s fine, and that he gives his wife injections for a chronic nervous condition. The officer’s suspicions persist, however, when neighbors claim they often hear the wife screaming but have never seen her. The next morning, the policeman finds the doctor in the police station filing a missing person’s report for his wife, sparking an unsettling mystery in this normally quiet town. Mystery/Drama. 115 min. India
Friday, March 17 1:30pm Palm Theatre
Saturday, March 18 7:00pm Mission

Director/Writer: Arka Ganguly
Co-Producers: Saibal Banerjee and Debolina Mukherjee