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What if bikes could save the world? That idea gets a new spin as Marin filmmaker and new mother Liz Canning uses a utilitarian cargo bicycle instead of a car as often as possible to transport everything from kids to groceries. Her documentary intro-duces us to other ordinary parents taking a similar tack to improve their families health and happiness and help the environment. The bike, they believe, is the “ultimate social revolutionizer.” Conflict arises when parents encounter cultural resistance mainly targeting women and moms. Offering good messages about environmentalism, feminism and health, Canning gives us a whole new appreciation for what we and our bikes are capable of.
86 min / USA

Director/Writer: Liz Canning
Producers: Liz Canning, Marilyn DeLaure, Liz McGregor, Erica Tanamachi

Wednesday, March 18 – Rock – 5:00pm – Screens with STORY
Thursday, March 19 – DCC – 1:00pm – Screens with THE ONE YOU NEVER FORGET
Sunday, March 22 – DCC – 10:30am