Sponsored by John Swift
Signs of Humanity is a documentary film that explores the interrelated themes of home, homelessness, compassion and humanity. Artist and professor Willie Baronet has purchased more than 1,000 homeless signs over the past 22 years, and he uses this collection to create installations to raise awareness about homelessness. During the month of July 2014, Willie and three filmmakers drove across the country, interviewing people on the street and purchasing their signs. Signs of Humanity is a film about that trip. Compassionate and respectful, Willie interviews over 100 people, buys 275 signs, and exposes the human side of homelessness by asking, “What does home mean to you?” 62 min. USA.

Thursday, March 16 1:00pm Downtown Centre
Thursday, March 16 4:15pm Downtown Centre

Co-Directors: Tim Chumley &Willie Baronet
Co-Producers: Judy Burch Gass & Eamon Downey