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First time director 88-year-old Joan Kron presents a seriously funny and wickedly subversive look at the role of comedy in examining the pressures on women to be attractive, and society’s ambivalence toward plastic surgery. The film follows two comedians as they deliberate going under the knife. As we follow their stories, we meet others who have taken the leap – or held out. Putting it all in perspective are surgeons, psychologists, historians, sociologists, and cultural critics. And for comic relief, there are cameos by Judy Gold, Julie Halston, Lisa Lampanelli, Bill Scheft, the late Adrianne Tolsch, among others. Will it hurt? Only when you laugh! 99 min. USA/Mexico.

Friday, March 17 7:00pm Mission Theatre
Saturday, March 18 4:15pm Mission Theatre

Director: Joan Kron
Co-Producers: Brian David Cange, W.Wilder Knight II, & Andrea Miller
Website: takemynoseplease.com