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Set in the 1500’s, Gosuke, a steel apprentice in the Japanese village of Tatara, desires to become a samurai. He is accepted by the regional lord master, but soon learns he doesn’t have the internal spirit for samurai and decides to return to his beloved village, famous for its steel production. Made in Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” tradition, Japanese director Yoshinari Nishikori has cleverly crafted both a dramatic, spiritual narrative and an historical presentation of ancient steel and sword making. This spectacular film documents the entire process of “tamahagane” (smelting steel from earth) and “tatara” (forging that steel into beautiful Japanese swords). Drama. 135 min. Japan.

Thursday, March 16 1:15pm Downtown Centre
Saturday, March 18 4:00pm Downtown Centre

Director/Writer:Yoshinari Nishikori
Producer: Exile Hiro