THE BIG FLIP: Stories from the Modern Home Front

BigFlipPix_NoLogo.002Sponsored by Holiday Inn Express San Luis Obispo
What happens when the wife wins the bread and the husband runs the household? You have The Big Flip. Here in the US, since 1989, the number of women who are primary breadwinners has increased to 40% while the number of stay-at-home dads has doubled. Filmmaker Izzy Chan explores the lives of four American families as they navigate the trials and triumphs of at-home fatherhood, working mothers, and changing life circumstances. The families we meet candidly share what’s different about their “modern” method of parenting in this entertaining and pertinent new documentary. 65 min. USA.

Thursday, March 16 7:30pm Mission Cinemas
Friday, March 17 4:30pm Mission Cinemas

Director/Producer: “Izzy” Isabella Vincent Chan