THE BUDDY SYSTEM – World Premiere


Sponsored by Rob Lewin & Marlie Schmidt and
Shannon & Mike Larrabee/Central Coast Distributing
Everyone needs a buddy, right? David Williams, a sweet and affectionate seven-year-old boy needs one more than most. Because of his autism, David faces several challenges: he has difficulty communicating, misses social cues, wanders from home and can’t sleep through the night. David has never had a best friend, but Buddy, a 10-month-old golden retriever, is about to change all that. This touching film captures their respective journeys as both boy and dog learn and grow together, thanks to Patty Dobbs Gross, a pioneer in the field of breeding and training autism-assistant dogs. 58 min. USA.

Thursday, March 16 1:00pm Palm Theatre
Friday, March 17 10:00am Palm Theatre

Director/Writer/Producer: Megan Smith-Harris