Sponsored by Ann Robinson, in memory of Lou Robinson
During the ’60s and early ’70s many young Americans, fleeing the Vietnam War, looked to their neighbors to the north for refuge. Not only did these so-called “hippy draft dodgers” find Canada, some of them accidentally found their way to Lund, BC. Mostly raised in cities, with no wilderness experience, this eclectic group of “back to the landers,” dreamers, artists, intellectuals and freedom fighters created a society they wanted to be part of. They experimented with drugs, shared lovers… and subsequent children. This nostalgic documentary features former SLO mayor Jan Marx and husband Steven who were residents of Lund during this time. 120 min. Canada.

Thursday, March 16 4:00pm Fremont Theatre
Saturday, March 18 4:00pm Palm Theatre

Co-Directors: Tai Uhlmann & Theo Angell
Producer: Tai Uhlmann