Sponsored by Sharon & John Dobson, in memory of Roy Gersten and Greg Hind
This inspiring documentary tells the story of five orphaned Vervet monkeys (Kate, Goon, Deebo, Felicia, Scotty), rescued as helpless infants and brought to the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa. The filmmakers follow their growth into intelligent, playful juveniles until they are adopted by foster mother monkeys and integrated into one of the foundation’s existing troops. Meanwhile, outside the foundation, the ever-evolving landscape of South Africa sparks conversations about the causes of monkey habitat destruction, the role of humans in a struggling ecosystem, and how understanding the connection between ourselves and our environment can inspire positive action. 71 min. USA/South Africa.

Saturday, March 18 10:15am Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 19 1:30pm Palm Theatre

Director/Writer: Kyle Salazar
Co-Producers: Kyle Salazar, Dave Du Toit, Josie Du Toit, & Jackie Russo