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A man on the verge of a promotion goes out to celebrate and takes a mysterious hallucinogenic drug that begins to tear down his reality and expose his life for what it really is. This complex story, which drags star Justin Long (Tusk, Live Free or Die Hard) through some unconventional hardships, keeps you guessing. Is he a modern-day Scrooge learning a lesson through the help of a hallucinogenic drug? Great performances and incredible visual effects by SLO native Patrick Lawler. Also features Donald Faison (Scrubs, Clueless)
Sci-Fi / 84 min / USA

Director: Gille Klabin
Writer: Carl W. Lucas
Producers: Gille Klabin, Carl W. Lucas, Monte Young, Joshua Bunting
Key Cast: Justin Long, Donald Faison, Tommy Flanagan, Sheila Vand