As we approach the milestone 30th Anniversary of the SLO International Film Festival, we have an extraordinary opportunity to not only celebrate this momentous occasion but also to forge stronger connections within our community and bring a spotlight to our downtown businesses. 



In collaboration with the Downtown SLO and the downtown business community, we are excited to introduce a brand new Downtown SLO Walk of Fame, a program intended to encourage film festival-goers to explore downtown San Luis Obispo retailers and restaurants. This initiative is designed to captivate both locals and visitors alike, creating a series of memorable experiences that highlight the unique character of our town and its businesses.

Find the stars and view the incredible window displays in April in Downtown SLO!

  1. Open Air Flowers – 1003 Osos St.
  2. HumanKind Fair Trade – 974 Monterey St.
  3. Mee Heng Low Noodle House –815 Palm St.
  4. Ah Louis Store – 800 Palm St.
  5. Junk Girls – 870 Monterey St.
  6. Apropos -1021 Morro St.
  7. Summerland Co. – 1023 Morro St.
  8. Hemp Shak – 781 Higuera St.
  9. Euphoria – 779 Higuera St.
  10. Hands Gallery – 777 Higuera St.
  11. Mareh Couture 778 Higuera St. # E
  12. Salon62 –1112 Garden St.
  13. Making SLO – 751 Higuera St.
  14. Gaia’s Gallery750 Higuera St.
  15. Ambiance737 Higuera St.
  16. Blackwater705 Higuera St.
  17. Jennifer White – Farmers Insurance Agency1228 Broad St. We 
  18. Central Coast Wines – 712 Higuera St.
  19. Yarns at the Adobe – 964 Chorro St.

Downtown Passholder Perks!

Show your passes at checkout to redeem discounts, valid April 25-30th.

  • Apropos – 10% off regular priced items
  • SLO Provisions – 10% off any purchases (Not Open on Sundays)
  • Salon62 – 20% off Passholders for any retail and boutique items
  • Ah Louis Store – 10% off Entire Purchase for Passholders
  • Summerland Co. – is offering 20% off 1 item for Film Festival attendees
  • Proof & Gather Baking Company– 10% Entire Purchase
  • Open Air Flowers – $5 off any purchases

Food Specials

Corazon Café – Frijoles Cuatatapa (sopa de frijoles)

This is a simple yet rich and earthy black bean soup with nopales, red onions, dried pasilla & guajillo chillies and epazote leaves 

“This special is inspired by the nostalgia of my childhood in Guerrero  and also the people of San Lucas Xochimanca in Mexico City. In Guerrero we also know it  as Frijoles con Carne. I am proud to present this simple dish full of flavors.” – Chef Chencho 

At Corazon Café Friday- Sunday this special can be served vegetarian or “con carne”.